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2008-07-15 41 -71

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[edit] The Location

Map Coordinates

The site is located in Smithfield, RI, near the intersection of Route 7 and Route 116. It is several hundred meters into the forest, with no simple and reliable access.

[edit] The Geohash

Ben biked roughly 15 km to the vicinity of the site (not really recommended; Route 7 kind of sucks for biking). My initial approach was along Lydia Ann Road off of Route 7, as marked. This clearly used to be a road, but is really not suitable for cars any longer; it quickly becomes nothing more than a widened footpath. I shortly discovered that there is a brand new road, still under construction, that Google does not yet know about. Rather than bushwhacking through the woods to the hash site, I elected to explore the construction.

Given how hilly the area is, I have to assume that this road is destined to be a residential development. No sign of houses yet, or any construction except the road itself. I can only imagine how much more forest will be cleared to support this future suburb.

Tue 15 Jul 2008 in Providence:
41.9238259, -71.5172238

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[edit] The consolation prize

Ben earned the It's a kitty consolation prize
by being so distracted by a road unknown to Google Maps as to forget to go to the (41, -71) geohash on 2008-07-15.