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2008-12-14 34 -117

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Sun 14 Dec 2008 in San Bernardino:
34.0916286, -117.7456885

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Map Coordinates

The site is located in Pomona, CA, in the parking lot of the Charisma Christian Academy.

[edit] The Geohash

This doesn't really qualify as a Geohash; no GPS, no camera, and Ben arrived at the site a full day early. Nonetheless, a bit of exploration was accomplished, so it may as well be noted.

The site was reached by bicycle around 1600 local time on 13 December. The school, a K-6 christian school, was closed for the day. When I saw the facade, I really wished I had a camera; the tackiness of modern SoCal religious architecture will never cease to amaze me. Still, I was comforted to know that "Jesus Loves Me", as the large, brightly colored lettering affixed to the top of the structure assured me.

I briefly considered awarding myself the Holy Hash achievement, but I really don't think that the property deserves the designation.