Santa Cruz, California

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Today's Location: [Santa Cruz, CA]

The Santa Cruz graticule is at latitude 36, longitude -122. It includes most of the city of Santa Cruz, but seems to be about 99% covered by the Pacific Ocean. Chances are pretty slim*, but if we see some coordinates on land, a Saturday meetup might be in order. On days when the spot is off-shore but within 1 mile, Ted suggests that we try to make it, anyway (boats, surfboards, whatever), if it can be done safely. Our backup graticule is the one for San Jose, California, on those (frequent) days when ours is unreachable.

*Odds of a random geohash being on land in this graticule are approximately 1 in 147, which results in an expected value of 2.5 landfalls per year.

Notable Dates[edit]

2009-10-06_36_-122 -- On land! I'm not from California (I was just bored today), but it looks like you have a good one inside what appears to be a shopping center on the block bounded by Encinal, Sylvania, Harvey, and Dubois.

Historic Map of geohash spots for 36, -122 (Santa Cruz)

2008-07-28 -- The hash is on land, for the first time since the Geohash comic. Location is in Wilder Ranch State Park, just west of UCSC.

2008-08-11_36_-122 -- (Monday) Hash is on land: Easy access on hiking trail on Bay at Centennial.

2008-08-20_36_-122 -- (Wednesday) Hash is on land. In some trees (private property?) just a few feet off of Branciforte.

2008-11-01 36 -122 -- Hash was just offshore, about 100m. Satellite view makes it look like it might be rocky, but this would have been the perfect shot at a surf achievement.


Ted earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (36, -122) graticule, here, on 2008-08-11.


  • Adambb
  • Ted will bring Once Upon A Time when he comes.
  • Kurtis Drake would like to go to one of these, but most likely won't check it on the right day.
  • Quertior lives in Santa Cruz, but his house falls inside the Salinas, California graticule instead. Because that graticule has more land, he'll usually participate in it, but since he lives in the town of Santa Cruz, he looks forward to the next land hash here.
  • Spaceboy located in the Salinas graticule but close to Santa Cruz and up for Santa Cruz meetups on the rare days they occur