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2008-08-11 36 -122

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Mon 11 Aug 2008 in Santa Cruz, California:
36.9608377, -122.0313900

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[edit] Planning details

[edit] Logistics

  • Google Maps Link
  • Nice, convenient location on the walking trail on Bay Street, just off Centennial.
    • Easy access by foot, suggest parking on nearby Centennial.
  • Ted Won't be able to make 4:00 (works on the other side of the hill) but will make a concerted effort to be there at 7pm, and will take photos.

[edit] Intended attendees

[edit] Execution/aftermath

Well, Vicki and Ted got there about 6:30 with the dogs, and GEO (a friend who lives nearby) showed up just a few minutes later with Luna. He brought cooking equipment and ingredients to make GEO-hash at the geohash site. (Shouldn't that be some sort of achievement award?!) It turns out that the spot was EXACTLY ON a park-bench! So, we sat, enjoyed a fine meal, watched the Sun set over the ocean, then went back to GEO's place for nightcaps, walking back at about 7:30 or so.

Ted has been here several times before -- sitting on this exact bench. He's going to look for old photos, and try to claim the Deja-Vu achievement. Actually, he's going to claim it, anyway, he's just not sure if he can prove it :)

[edit] Photographic Evidence