Farallon Islands, California

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38,-124 Bodega Bay Santa Rosa
37,-124 Farallon Islands San Francisco
36,-124 36,-123 Santa Cruz

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Today's Location: [Farallon Islands, CA]

The Farallon Islands graticule is at latitude 37 N, longitude 123 W. This graticule is overwhelmingly occupied by water, land being confined to the Farallon Islands located almost 30 miles off of the San Francisco coast and the westernmost tip of Point Reyes National Seashore, just outside of Drakes Bay. The two areas combined comprise perhaps 2km2; the odds of any given day's geohash falling upon land is on the order of 1 in 300,000.

Not that a fortuitous land strike alone would make for a terribly accessible geohash for the graticule. The Farallon Islands are part of a National Wildlife Refuge, with access restricted to the public. And much of the Point Reyes area, while technically accessible from the mainland, consists of horribly steep and rocky terrain. Acquiring the Land Geohash for the 37, -123 graticule is no small feat indeed!

Fun fact: for having almost no accessible land, this graticule contains a pair of lighthouses, the Farallon Island Light and the lighthouse at Point Bonita. I'd blithely assume that this is the highest lighthouse-to-land-area ratio of any graticule in the world!

Geohashing Events[edit]

None so far. (Not holding my breath on this one, either.)