Santa Barbara, California

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Today's location: not yet announced

Today's Location: [Santa Barbara]

Our graticule (latitude 34, longitude -119) contains a lot of water, and a lot of very remote area in the Los Padres National Forest. But eventually, we should get lucky, and land on the beach, so let's keep looking!

Facebook Group[edit]

Search for "XKCD GeoHash Santa Barbara/Santa Maria" on Facebook.

Considered geohashes[edit]

  • 2008-06-15 -- Today's location looks like an orchard on private property. Too bad, because it is pretty close to Santa Barbara, and not out to sea. --Pconrad

Identifiable Users Actively Monitoring the Page[edit]

  • User:f4hy has been monitoring irregularly. "If we get a coordinate closer to the coast I'll be there."
  • User:contraption checks once in a while and might just show up some time, probably on a weekend.
  • User:Qwertypi checking when I remember and waiting for a good SB/Goleta selection.
  • User:Capso Waiting to meet other folk living in, or willing to come around to, Santa Barbara or Goleta. Checking... err... "regularly". Ahem, also, I'm 'van Orman' in the Facebook group -- this is the only reason I signed up, so someone better be there when a reachable spot is decided.
  • User:kitk spreading the GeoHash community - one believer at a time...reservoir area today?
  • User:FuNx lives in Ventura but on weekends travels to Cerritos, which is in the slightly less Geohash-friendly graticule of Long Beach.
  • User:Lorddragonfang hopes he can attend one of the SB area meetings
  • User:Dhilung waiting for some hike up to the geohash.
  • s0meb0dy has been lurking for a while, finally signed up.


Channel Island hashpoints[edit]


s0meb0dy earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (34, -119) graticule, here, on 2011-12-14.

Other comments that have been posted[edit]

- I've got myself and another watching it. If it's close enough, we might be able to make the trip. (2008-06-09 was on Santa Cruz Island, anyone attempt?)

- My husband and I live in the area as well. Today's (6-11-08) isn't too bad but jobs prevent wandering around outside all day. Guess we will have to see what Saturday brings! --erife