2008-06-07 34 -119

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Sat 7 Jun 2008 in Santa Barbara, California:
34.5017842, -119.1143708

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Wilderness near Ojai.


  • Jareds


Jareds will probably be there.


He's incompetent.

He thought he could get within 2 miles of the coordinates via "Sisar Rd", but it turns into an unpaved road/trail that is soon blocked by a gate, which is just as well since it goes through a creek. This was 8 miles from the point he intended to leave the "road" following the "road" itself, though only four miles as the crow flies, but he is not a crow. He had enough to drink to continue on foot, but turned back at 5pm since he was way late and wouldn't be able to reach the coordinates and return to his car until after dark but he had no flashlight. Some cyclists passed him on the trail, but he was solving a Rubik's cube and believes they would have stopped if they were xkcd readers.