2012-05-10 34 -119

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Thu 10 May 2012 in 34,-119:
34.0602154, -119.8839399

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On the west end of Santa Cruz Island, near the spine of the island, pretty close to the airport.



Hopefully some geohasher who already planned to be going out to the Channel Islands today will notice, and mount an expedition!

That part of Santa Cruz Island is owned by The Nature Conservancy. A permit is required to land on there, those permits require a 15 day processing time and the cheapest is $30. There is a large off limits area down the center of the island and a large section of the coast that is off limits from February to November. Any photos you take on the Nature Conservancy part of the island may not be used for commercial purpose and if uploaded to a website must be clearly identified as not being available for commercial use. That being said, I have recently been interested in trying to get some puppet geohashes done. There are volunteers, TNC and NPS staff who are on the island. The main commercial transportation to the island is provided by Island Packers but they typically go to the NPS side of the island. You may want to check your social networks and see if there are any friends of friends especially TNC people. - Stephen Cerruti 13:24, 10 May 2012 (EDT)
Excellent -- that's certainly useful info! Maybe it should be added to a Channel Islands page (although that page refers to a graticle near England)... JesseW 22:21, 14 May 2012 (EDT)
Santa Cruz Island | The Nature Conservancy
Santa Cruz Island - NPS


Based on the description and lack of further updates for almost a year, most likely nobody actually went.