2009-11-06 39 -86

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Fri 6 Nov 2009 in 39,-86:
39.1107714, -86.4648176

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About a mile north of Lake Monroe near Moore Creek.


Erik, Kira, and Duncan.


The hash looked accessible, about a hundred feet off of Moores Creek Road, so we went for it. If I (Erik) had looked at a map instead of just the satellite photos, I would have realized that it was practically sitting in Moore Creek. (Notice how the creek is just "Moore Creek", but the road is "Moores Creek"? Ah, naming conventions.) Duncan was a little wary about the leaves covering the ground, but eventually he warmed up to it and became his usual straining-at-the-end-of-his-leash-if-you-pause-for-more-than-five-seconds self. The creek was so shallow, that I thought it might be a good candidate for the Walking on water geohash achievement. I'll post to the talk pages there to see if it counts as enough water. I mean it is a body of water that shows up on maps (if only as a thin blue line)... Within the margin of error of my GPS receiver, there were spots that were probably ankle-deep, parts that were completely dry, and parts that were about half a centimeter deep (which is where I'm standing in the picture below).

We also attempted a nearby (0.9 miles) geocache, but it got too dark, so we had to give up.