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2010-01-23 39 -86

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Sat 23 Jan 2010 in 39,-86:
39.7999679, -86.0504074

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[edit] Location

In a residential neighborhood on the east side of Indianapolis. On someone's lawn, within a few feet of the sidewalk.

[edit] Expedition

Kira and I (Erik) were on their way to CostCo that morning, so we decided to make a brief detour to nab the hash. Finding the location was pretty easy, but as we were pulling on to the appropriate street, we noticed that a fire truck was blocking the street and the paramedics were in someone's driveway. It looked pretty close to the hashpoint, but we drove around the block to see what things looked like from the other side. It turns out that the emergency was next door to the house where the hash was located, so we were able to snap a few quick photos with our phones (why do we always forget to bring the real camera?) before heading on our way. We decided not to interrupt the emergency workers at work, so we never found out what had happened. Hopefully no one was seriously hurt and any damage was minimal.

[edit] Photos