2008-09-06 39 -86

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Sat 6 Sep 2008 in 39,-86:
39.8999133, -86.1865472

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The coordinates fell north of Indianapolis, in the Bridgefield subdivision near 79th and Ditch.

Brett introduced his parents, Dave and Sue, to geohashing with these coordinates. They arrived around 4:50, too late for the standard meetup time even though it did not appear any other geohashers had been there. This was the first point that Brett has visited that did not fall in cropland or prairie. Instead, it fell right next to a standard suburban house. Brett knocked on the front door in an attempt to get the Ambassador achievement. Unfortunately, no one was home, so Brett left a bright pink marker flag next to the driveway. He did not trespass into the house's side yard to reach the precise coordinates, but he could see the point from the street.

Afterward, the three geohashers drove to the neighboring 2008-09-06 39 -85 coordinates.