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Today's location

The Hannover graticule is at latitude 52N and longitude 9E. Besides enclosing the whole city of Hannover and its suburbs it extends to Walsrode in the North, Lehrte in the East, Hildesheim in the Southeast, Hameln in the South, Bückeburg in the Southwest and Nienburg in the Northwest. Furthermore it contains almost the complete Naturpark Weserbergland and the Steinhuder Meer, one of Germany's biggest lakes.

Land Usage[edit]

According to the Land usage tool, the terrain of this graticule is divided as follows:

50.50% Fields
18.08% Forests
17.74% Natural reserves
 7.22% Roads
 2.95% Highways
 2.81% Settlements
 0.71% Water

Local Geohashers[edit]

Planned expedition[edit]

Recent Expeditions[edit]

For all expeditions in this graticule, see Hannover, Germany/Expeditions.
Arrow2.png 2019-08-21 - GeorgDerReisende - The hash lay behind a ditch at a field near Godenau.
Arrow2.png 2019-07-12 - Fippe - located on a field in Algermissen.
Arrow2.png 2019-06-04 - Fippe, GeorgDerReisende - located at a ditch west of Gartenstadt Lohne.
Arrow2.png 2019-05-31 - Fippe - located on a meadow in Sprockhof.
Arrow2.png 2019-05-26 - GeorgDerReisende - The hash lay on a fieldway east of Hagenburg-Altenhagen.
Arrow2.png 2019-05-23 - Fippe - located on a field in Hagen.
Arrow2.png 2019-05-21 - Fippe - located on a field of rye in Bad Fallingbostel.
Arrow2.png 2019-05-12 - GeorgDerReisende - The hash lay on a fieldway northeast of Holtensen. The Holtensen near Eldag...
Arrow2.png 2019-05-03 - Fippe - located in a forest in Bierde.
Arrow2.png 2019-04-27 - Fippe - located in a forest in Wietze.
Arrow2.png 2019-04-20 - GeorgDerReisende - The hash lay between the houses Göttinger Straße 44 and Strousbergstraße 2 ...
Arrow2.png 2019-04-16 - Fippe, GeorgDerReisende - located on grass outside of the Ahlem Memorial in Hannover.
Arrow2.png 2019-03-16 - Fippe, GeorgDerReisende - located on the edge of the Bockmerholz forest in Hannover-Wülferode.
Arrow2.png 2019-02-24 - GeorgDerReisende - The hash lay in the garden of the house Elisenweg 14 in Berenbostel.
Arrow4.png 2019-02-07 - - located in front of the house Vinnhorster Weg 162 in Hannover-Hainholz....
Arrow2.png 2019-02-04 - Fippe - located on a field in Hannover-Bemerode.
Arrow2.png 2019-01-23 - Fippe, GeorgDerReisende, dana - located on the median strip of the Hamburger Allee in Hannover-Mitte.
Arrow2.png 2019-01-19 - Fippe - located on a meadow near Barntrup.
Arrow2.png 2018-12-31 - Fippe - located in a forest near Visselhövede.
Arrow2.png 2018-11-15 - Fippe - located on a field in Ahlten.
Arrow2.png 2018-09-28 - Fippe - located on a field near Blumenau.
Arrow2.png 2018-09-22 - Fippe - located on the side of a road in Grohnde.
Arrow4.png 2018-09-19 - Fippe - located on a shooting range in Ilten.
Arrow2.png 2018-09-07 - Fippe - located on a harvested field near Donnerhorst.
Arrow2.png 2018-08-29 - Fippe - located on a field near Nienburg.

Retro Hashes[edit]

Reverse Regional Geohashing[edit]

This graticule is made up of two states (Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia) and 14 counties: Celle, Diepholz, Hameln-Pyrmont, Hannover, Heidekreis, Hildesheim, Holzminden, Lippe, Minden-Lübbecke, Nienburg, Peine, Rotenburg, Schaumburg and Verden.

Achieving the reverse regional achievement on state level in this graticule is not especially challenging. The county level is more difficult though: While most counties are well reachable, there are exceptions. For example, the Holzminden county is only hit approximately once a year. But the problem is the Peine county. With only 0.3 square kilometers of this county's area being in this graticule, the area will only be hit once every 69 years.

This graticule might become reverse-regional-achievable on county level in the future thanks to financial problems of the Peine county. It considered a fusion with the neighbouring Hildesheim county, which has significant areas in this graticule. The parliament of the Hildesheim county however rejected the notion in 2015. However, the fusion is not off the table according to representatives of both counties.