1972-08-15 52 9

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Tue 15 Aug 1972 in 52,9:
52.2835612, 9.6081068

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Gehrden-Lemmie. Please mind that the map shown in the wiki page is wrong for all locations east of W30 before introduction of the W30 rule.


Ekorren thought that unlike at home, the displaced origin coordinates were easy enough here to just take a look and leave.


I don't usually do retro expeditions. I did this one only for the achievement and because it was just too easy not to be done. Also, given that I'm not so sure I would want to report on a retro expedition as a geohashing expedition at all, combining this with a regular geohashing trip and reporting it as a part of that was just the way to solve this question.

I still had the bad borrowed bike from the day expedition, but that wouldn't mean much here since the station was so close by. Access to the coordinates from the nearest way was blocked by a fence which kept people out of the sports area. However, circling the forested property gave access from the other side. In the end, the coordinates may have been in the fenced garden area, or outside. I don't really care.