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1896-05-26 52 09 05 Map.png

Fri 26 May 1896 in Hannover:
52.5240543, 9.8340160
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The geohash is located on a field next to a forest near Burgwedel.



The Dow Jones Industrial Average did not always exist, so I wanted to reach the coordinates of the first possible geohash.

According to this “fact sheet” published by S&P, the DJIA was first calculated on 1896-05-26. It also states that it's “Base Value” was 40.94, which might be it's closing value on that date, but I think it was the opening, since it seems to be the first recorded value. Anyway, I did the following calculations:

$ echo -n 1896-05-26-40.94 | md5sum
86286db8ec312754d58213752e58db41  -

Note that the 30W Time Zone Rule rule does not apply here, because this is a retrohash.

  • 0.86286db8ec31275416 = 0.5240543915244343282610
  • 0.d58213752e58db4116 = 0.8340160523497134777610
  • Destination: 52.52405439152443432826, 9.83401605234971347776

I plan to visit this retrohash on 2015-05-27, which is a day after the 219th anniversary of the first DJIA opening.


It worked out. I walked there by foot from the train station in Großburgwedel, which is a couple of kilometers, but it was worth it. The Geohash itself is located in a field of Barley.



Charles Dow.jpg
Fippe earned the Dow Day Achievement
by reaching the extreme retro (52, 9) geohash on 1896-05-26.