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Arlington can refer to the following locations:

United States[edit]

  • Arlington, Alabama; in the Monroeville graticule
  • Arlington, Arizona; in the Phoenix graticule
  • Arlington, California; a neighborhood of Riverside, in the Santa Ana graticule
  • Arlington, Colorado; in the Rocky Ford graticule
  • Arlington, Florida; a neighborhood in southern Jacksonville
  • Arlington, Georgia; in the Albany graticule
  • Arlington, Illinois; in the Kewanee graticule
  • Arlington, Indiana; in the Louisville, Kentucky graticule
  • Arlington, Iowa; in the Cedar Rapids graticule
  • Arlington, Kansas; in the Pratt graticule
  • Arlington, Kentucky; in the Sikeston, Missouri graticule
  • Arlington, Maryland; a neighborhood in Baltimore
  • Arlington, Massachusetts; near Boston
    • Arlington (MBTA station); on Arlington St. in Boston, not in Arlington, MA
  • Arlington Township, Michigan; in the Holland graticule
  • Arlington, Minnesota; in the Hutchinson graticule
  • Arlington, Nebraska; in the Omaha (West) graticule
  • Arlington, New York; in the Danbury, Connecticut graticule
  • Arlington, North Carolina; in the Winston-Salem graticule
  • Arlington, Ohio; in the Toledo graticule
  • Arlington, Oregon; in the Goldendale, Washington graticule. This town may be named after Arlington, Virginia (link)
  • Arlington, Pennsylvania; a neighborhood in Pittsburgh
  • Arlington, South Dakota; in the Watertown graticule
  • Arlington, Tennessee; northeast of Memphis (East)
  • Arlington, Texas; in the Fort Worth graticule, though it may overlap the Dallas graticule as well
  • Arlington, Vermont; in the Glens Falls, New York graticule
  • Arlington, Virginia; a county and city in Virginia, in the Washington, DC (SW) graticule.
  • Arlington, Washington; in the Bellingham graticule, though it is much closer to Everett in the Seattle graticule
  • Arlington, Harrison County, West Virginia; in the Clarksburg graticule
  • Arlington, Upshur County, West Virginia; in the neighboring Sutton graticule
  • Arlington, Wisconsin; a town in the Madison graticule. There is also an Arlington Village within the town of Arlington, WI.


South Africa[edit]

United Kingdom[edit]

  • Arlington, North Devon; to the west of Oxmoor National Park, between Blackmoor Gate and Shirwell, in the Cardiff, United Kingdom graticule
  • Arlington, East Sussex; northwest of Eastbourne in the Brighton (East) graticule
  • Arlington, Gloucestershire, east of Cirencester in the Swindon graticule