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Goldendale, Washington

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Huge windmills rise from the rim of the Columbia Gorge.

The Goldendale graticule is dominated by the wheatlands of North Central Oregon and South Central Washington. It is divided, like the two states, by the dramatic Columbia River Gorge, through which Interstate 84, Washington State Highway 14, and two major railroads lines all run. Large farms intercut by deep, rugged canyons make accessible hashpoints few and far between.

[edit] Expedition History

[edit] 2013-08-09 45 -120

Michael5000 tries, tries again, and fails, fails again.

[edit] 2011-07-15 45 -120

Michael5000 and Mrs.5000 fail to reach the hashpoint due to barbed-wire fencing and a highly exposed position.

[edit] 2010-08-29 45 -120

Thomcat hikes up into the hills to conquer this virgin graticule, and on the Washington side of the river to boot!

[edit] 2010-05-07 45 -120

Wade and Robyn get close, but not quite close enough, to a hashpoint in an agricultural field in the first recorded attempt at this graticule.