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Sutton, West Virginia

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Marietta, Ohio Clarksburg Morgantown
Charleston Sutton Staunton, Virginia
Beckley Blacksburg, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia

Today's location: not yet announced

Today's Location: [Sutton (38,-80)]

This graticule contains Sutton, Buckhannon and Summersille, WV.

[edit] Activities

None yet

[edit] Notable Events

2008-08-30 - Gregg visited the Geohash for Friday Aug 29th one day late with his nephew Andrew. Saturday's was too far away and Friday's was right on a nearby dirt road. This was Gregg and Andrew's first visit to any Geohash point.

[edit] Local Geohashers

Gregg visits this area quite a bit so he'll try to hit the Saturday Meetups.

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