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Today's location: not yet announced

Today's Location: [Lynn, MA]

The Lynn, Massachusetts graticule is at latitude 42, longitude -70.

This coastal graticule often yields coordinates far out over water. It obviously includes a lot of water, but it also has several coastal towns and harbors -- Gloucester, Salem, Rockport, Newburyport, and Hampton to the north, Quincy and Weymouth to the south, and the tip of Cape Cod (Provincetown and North Truro). Won't be accessible very often. Offers incentive to practice sailing or sea kayaking.

Meetups are not usually feasible for this reason. Geohashers are encouraged to attend meetups in nearby graticules in this event. The Boston meetups are well-attended and frequently feature the presence of Randall Munroe. Provincetown geohashers may prefer to attend the Cape Cod area meetups.


2013-09-02 42 -70 Ipswichb did a very very easy geohash.

2013-01-03 42 -70 Ipswichb dida bit of minor tresspassing, but was able to reach the hash.

2012-11-12 42 -70 Ipswichb visited a hash technically on public property.

2012-03-11 42 -70 Terran and Karl apparently reached a hashpoint in Revere.

2010-12-18 42 -70 Jim and Phyzome visited a Swampfield golf course

2009-09-17 42 -70 Manu, Reinhard, Sara, and Sara's kids picnicked at the hashpoing in the woods in Marshfield.

2009-09-11 42 -70 Manu and Reinhard reach a hash SE of East Kingston.

2009-05-19 42 -70 Wpns reached a point in Beverly, next to a lamppost in the drivemay of a Montessori school.

2008-07-19 42 -70 Xaco reached a point in the woods near the Rockland/Hanover town line.

2008-06-25 42 -70 It's in someone's backyard near downtown Ipswich. Almost in their pool, actually.

2008-06-08 42 -70 Again, close to the tip of the cape. cogit0 and civet got as close as they could on the shore.

2008-06-05 42 -70 By some miracle, this landed on the tip of the cape the day before cogit0 and civet are going camping there. It was visited the following saturday (2008-06-07), but is still categorized with the associated date.

Local Geohashers[edit]

  • Julia
  • OmegaLord
  • xaco - But he usually goes to the Boston graticule coordinates since the Lynn graticule geohashes are almost always over water.
  • Drazen resides in this graticule.
  • Ipswichb

I know for a fact that there are other xkcd readers in this graticule... come forward!


xaco earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (42, -70) graticule, here, on 2008-07-19.