2013-01-03 42 -70

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Thu 3 Jan 2013 in 42,-70:
42.6917533, -70.9113634

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In a quarry thing, and I couldn't figure out what on earth it was for.



When I discovered this hash was available, I started making plans. I planned to bike to the hash, find the hash, and get back home again.


This was successful! I biked to the hash in the cold weather. I was able to park my bike about 100 meters away from the hash, and I started heading into the woods.

I was lucky it was freezing cold, because it was freezing. There was a lot of mud and a stream between me and the hash, but it was all frozen over. Then, when I reached the hash, I discovered I had to climb a small hill made of dirt. I climbed to the top, and reached the hash!

On the way back, however, things did not go so well. Halfway home, the pedal on my bike fell off. I had to call a friend of mine to pick me up, because I was a long way from home. But I got the geohash.


Ipswichb earned the Frozen Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (42, -70) geohash on 2013-01-03 while the temperature was below the freezing point of water.
Ipswichb earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (42, -70) geohash on 2013-01-03.