2008-07-19 42 -70

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Sat 19 Jul 2008 in 42,-70:
42.1094031, -70.8876392

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42.109403, 70.88764W

This geohash is located in the Lynn, Massachusetts graticule, in what looks like a forest near Circuit St. and Summer St. near the Rockland/Hanover town line.

4:00pm Meetup[edit]

xaco is heading out now (about 3:30 pm) and will probably be there around 5. No idea if anyone else is planning on being there or not. Going to try parking on Circuit St. and follow the clear-cut area as close as I can get to the hash.


xaco got there around 6 pm. Parked at the Hanover Senior Center, and ventured down the clearcut area under the power lines. Ran into three guys who were NOT from the internet, and frankly kind of creeped me out. Managed to cross the creek via the bridge (who would have thought there'd be a bridge?). Finally got near the hash in the clear cut area and ventured into the woods. There I encountered the brambles. Lots of brambles. After cutting myself up a lot, I came back out, regrouped, and entered the woods in a different place. There were less brambles. Managed to make it to the hash, and left a marker for future generations.

Things learned on this geohash adventure:

  • High voltage power lines really mess with a compass
  • When walking through brambles, bring a machete
  • When walking through brambles, don't wear shorts


xaco earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (42, -70) graticule, here, on 2008-07-19.