Brunswick, Maine

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Lewiston Augusta Bangor
Portland Brunswick Matinicus Isle
Lynn, Massachusetts 42,-69 42,-68

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Today's Location: Brunswick ME

The Brunswick graticule is at latitude 43, longitude -69. It includes a large number of scenic "lower midcoast" communities; Brunswick is home to Bowdoin College and the former Brunswick Naval Air Station. This graticule is almost entirely water, so most points are unreachable; if you live here, you likely have a boat anyway.


Del is waiting to see if anyone else will play in the area. And while he's technically in the Augusta graticule, he is really closer to this one...

Fenris is in what is commonly known as Boozebay and has a boat. But he's not around most of the time because he is teaching kids hiking, climbing and sailing.


Link to the graticule on the coordinate calculator

2009-09-11 43 -69 2nd part of a double hash by Manu and Reinhard who were driving to Acadia National Park during their USA holidays and thereby deflowering this graticule.

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