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2008-07-28 31 35

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Mon 28 Jul 2008 in Jerusalem:
31.8559847, 35.7524062

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[edit] The Alternate-Location-Cheat Geohash

Link to the spot on Google Maps

[edit] Location

Someplace out in Jordan

[edit] Participants

[edit] Expedition

The official spot for today was somewhere out in Jordan, but since I was tired of inaccessible geohash spots, I decided to move the location to a spot on my street. For a while, I considered just putting it in my house, thus winning the Couch Potato Achievement, but that like felt too much cheating. I went there after getting home tonight, and snapped some pictures.

I didn't have a GPS or anything, but you can believe me that it was this spot. Even if the guy there kinda screwed up the exact location, because he put it on the corner of the street when in fact it's a little bit further down.

So, I guess that counts as a geohash. Sorta. Like, in a very desperate sort of way... well, alright, it doesn't count as a geohash, I'll admit that. Ah well. It's something.