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Lady Pennywhistle, also known as Yael, lives with her family in the north of the city, not far from the Mount Scopus campus of the Hebrew University. Which is rather useful, since she is a student at said university. She has been introduced to xkcd by her boyfriend, Nukewaste (who happens to live pretty much across the planet, but hopefully that is a temporary situation), and follows it regularly, despite missing some of the science-related jokes.

She hopes to be able to make it to a few Jerusalem geohashes, or maybe all-Israel ones, even though travelling to them isn't always easy. But if anything falls close enough to Jerusalem, and not anywhere dangerous, and she has time that day, she'll make an attempt to get there.

Lady Pennywhistle also feels quite awkward about this whole third-person thing. I mean, it might be better if I were just to write a few lines about myself without trying to make it sound like an official encyclopaedia entry. After all, what's 'objective' anyway?

XKCD Israel appears to be practically dead. I have done one terrible cheat of a geohash on July 28th 2008, just because I desperately wanted one, but I know it doesn't really count. *sigh* Hopefully I'll be able to catch a few Seattle 'hashes, when I go there this summer.