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All locations: .6712943, .0772488
Globalhash: 30.832966728333, -152.1904289163 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

Palm Beach, Florida Dtobias Out around the sheds behind somebody's house in West Palm Beach, just south...
Rijeka, Croatia User:Kokoon In the woods near Triest
Innsbruck, Austria Robert, Ekorren On a meadow or field near Bad Kohlgrub.
Weymouth, United Kingdom Corwin, Owenrowland, 04housemat, Mahahahaneapneap was about 3 miles outside Wareham, just off a country road.
Bonn, Germany LadyBB, Hijackal, Frizzy, Mampfred On a field near Röttgen. Looks like it might be fenced, though.
Shrewsbury, United Kingdom who held the gps, grinned, Benjw, who drove the car, took the, mrsbenjw The middle lane of the M6 motorway, northbound, just after the M6 Toll junc...
Malmö, Sweden the full team, Llavids Lomma, Skåne, Sweden.
Borås, Sweden Gabriel, father, mother, Fasanen After I (Gabriel) bought a new bike this really close hash came as a gift. ...
Nesbyen, Norway lyx, relet In a swamp, in the Veikulåsen Nature Reserve, Norway.

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