2011-04-30 55 13

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Sat 30 Apr 2011 in 55,13:
55.6712943, 13.0772488

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[edit] Location

Lomma, Skåne, Sweden.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

Location was close to the route we were going that day.

[edit] Expedition

The family was going south to visit my mother and we planned to drive by the geohashe on our way. On satellite pictues it looked like it could have been inside a backyard but when being there I could get the fix on the GPS without much trouble. The family waited in the car in the meantime.

Then we used some time to look up the closest geocache and log it before driving off.

[edit] Photos

[edit] Achievements

Llavids earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (55, 13) geohash on 2011-04-30.
Llavids earned the Hash collision honorable mention
by discovering the geocache GC1XV8Z 146 m from the (55, 13) geohash on 2011-04-30.