2011-04-30 52 -2

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2011-04-30 52 -2 benjw.jpg
This expedition was part of a multihash by Benjw. For the other parts, see:  
2011-04-30 52 -2 2011-05-01 53 -2

Sat 30 Apr 2011 in Shrewsbury, UK:
52.6712943, -2.0772488

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The middle lane of the M6 motorway, northbound, just after the M6 Toll junction.


  • Benjw, who drove the car and grinned stupidly.
  • MrsBenjw, who held the GPS and took the photos.


We were driving to a friend's house near Stafford today for a birthday party, so we almost couldn't avoid this hashpoint. All we had to do was to take our usual route up the M6 motorway, then make sure we were in the outside lane for Junction 11 (the merge with the M6 Toll), moving to the middle lane for the hashpoint itself.

Benjw drove the car, and MrsBenjw attempted to take her first photos of a GPS, and probably not her first photos of Ben grinning stupidly. The closest she managed to the hashpoint was 94 metres, but given the absolute ease of passing over the hashpoint, this is probably adequate proof. The motorway was clear enough for a Speed Racer also to be achieved, the GPS recording 114 kph (71 mph) with a speed limit of 70 mph.

We stayed overnight after the party, and went on another expedition on the way home again, the following day.

Photographic documentation[edit]

Shiny ribbons earned[edit]

Benjw earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (52, -2) geohash on 2011-04-30.
2011-04-30 52 -2 benjw.jpg
Benjw earned the Speed racer achievement
by passing through the (52, -2) geohash on 2011-04-30 at 70 mph.
2011-04-30 52 -2 gps.jpg
Benjw earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging MrsBenjw to the (52, -2) geohash on 2011-04-30.
2011-04-30 52 -2 gps.jpg

MrsBenjw has taken part in an expeditions before (2009-03-23 52 0) but the drag-along ribbon was not claimed then as she did not reach the hashpoint on that occasion, preferring to stay in the car; also, I had no proof she was there.

I'm sure the déjà vu achievement also applies here, being a motorway I have travelled moderately frequently over the last 15 years or so, but of course I have no proof of having reached this exact spot before, so I shall save that achievement for later.