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All locations: .6808936, .7485891
Globalhash: 32.560839983439, 89.492060141575 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

Melbourne, Australia myka on a small Court in the Calder Park area
Athens, Georgia NWoodruff Somewhere
Denver (SW), Colorado beanmj Approximately 0.2 miles southeast of the summit of Mt. Pendleton.
St. Paul SE, Minnesota Rhonda In a park near the Mississippi river.
Portland, Oregon Elegant Forkbomb, Michael5000 Near a parking lot between the Columbia River and Vancouver Lake. This Sun...
Pforzheim, Germany thepiguy, Ekorren, Koepfel A field at the westernmost margin of the Oberes Gäu hills, between the ...
Mannheim, Germany Euterkuh, fivetonsofflax Close to the village of Schlierbach, at a deer enclosure.
Cottbus, Germany lyx, relet Between Klein Bademeusel (DE) and Tuplice(PL) on the Polish side of the bor...
Rheine, Germany User:Mihai, mihai's wife My wife wanted to practice driving, and having nowhere specific to go, I re...

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