2009-11-08 49 8

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Sun 8 Nov 2009 in 49,8:
49.6808936, 8.7485891

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Close to the village of Schlierbach, at a deer enclosure.



This expedition already seemed to be doomed from the beginning. Our first train was late so we missed the hourly train from Weinheim to Fürth by five minutes and had to hang around there. While we were waiting in the station's waiting hall we scared a granny off. Because this was not the first time, we decided to start a "scared off granny"-counter. We got to Fürth and waited for the bus we had called beforehand to pick us up - we reckoned the number of the bus for it was a human number, its number was six hundred and sixty six. The Hashpoint was close, about 1.3 km. Euterkuh slipped on a wet stump and fell down, which looked really funny, but for the case of bad injuries Fivetonsofflax refrained from laughing. Everything was alright though, so we arrived at the hashpoint in the deer enclosure. We had to climb across a barbwire, just to realize the opened gate was next to the hashpoint (which might have been the reason there was no deer inside).

Now the bad part. We called the "call-a-bus"-bus (you remember, the number was six hundred and sixty six) to pick us up in Schlierbach again. However the "call-a-bus"-lady on the other end of the line was very incompetent (or very evil) and claimed there were no busses on sundays. This means they allowed us to get to Schlierbach, which is in the back of beyond, but not to return. So we had to walk four km to get to the next station. We are planning to write an angry letter, because it was quite cold and when we were trying to hitch a ride, nobody showed mercy.