2009-11-08 39 -105

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Sun 8 Nov 2009 in 39,-105:
39.6808936, -105.7485891

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Approximately 0.2 miles southeast of the summit of Mt. Pendleton.


beanmj, Nate


beanmj plans to start from Guanella Pass Road around 8am.


I spent several hours researching this mountain, and came up with absolutely nothing of substance. Despite this, I was able to convince a friend, Nate, to come along for this boondoggle. Plans were to take a mostly-southern route to avoid early season snow, though bushwhacking was expected (and there was plenty of it).

At 7:00am, we headed for I-70. An hour and a half later, we were part-way up Guanella Pass, and stopped a few miles short of the current road closure. For roughly half a mile (which took the better part of an hour) we were going up steep, loose terrain and bushwhacking. It was tough but fun. View from the car showing what we were in for:

2009-11-08 39 -105 01.jpg

This is pretty characteristic of the first hour or so:

2009-11-08 39 -105 02.jpg

Lots of cool mining stuff. In fact, the trail we were on for a half mile or so was an old mining trail, not a hiking trail.

2009-11-08 39 -105 03.jpg

Finally, treeline.

2009-11-08 39 -105 04.jpg

And after some meandering thanks to a screwed up compass (protip: don't clip your GPS on to your pack with a biner) we made it. Note that the altitude is erroneous. The actual elevation is more like 12,135'.

2009-11-08 39 -105 05.jpg

Hero shot necessary for an altitude-record shattering hash. And a heroic bushwhack calls for heroic pants.

2009-11-08 39 -105 06.jpg

Since we were so close, we wandered over to Pendleton, a trip that took all of two minutes. The register was similar to one I found a few years ago on another nearby 12er - left by Gerry Roach in a mason jar, and with very few entries. This register was left on 1/2/2006 and had fewer than 10 visits since.

2009-11-08 39 -105 07.jpg

What does freedom taste like? Oh yeah, it's friggin' delicious.

2009-11-08 39 -105 08.jpg

A couple hours of trudging through snow and scree and other assorted misery and we were back to the car. Total time just under 6 hours, 3,000' of vertical gained, 7.1 miles covered round-trip. Any objections to MNIMB I would be glad to discuss.



If anyone would like a .gdb of the trip, I'll be glad to supply it.


beanmj earned the High geohash achievement
by reaching an altitude of 12,135' at the (39, -105) geohash on 2009-11-08.
beanmj earned the MNIMB Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (39, -105) geohash on 2009-11-08.
2009-11-08 39 -105 06.jpg
beanmj earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging Nate to the (39, -105) geohash on 2009-11-08.
beanmj earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (39, -105) geohash on 2009-11-08.