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Sun 8 Nov 2009 in Rheine:
52.6808936, 7.7485891

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My wife wanted to practice driving, and having nowhere specific to go, I remembered xkcd. Why not! - we thought, so after feeding the navigation system, we grabbed the camera and just started without further preparations from the city of Lingen. It was a bit difficult to cross a small river at some point near the target coordinates (the road simply didn't exist, or was removed by a farmer to enlarge his field), but eventually we reached it more or less around 17:00 by trying different roads through a small forest. We didn't see anyone else, and we left the GPS in the car, not thinking about producing some proof (I read about that later).

But it was a beautiful trip. Colourful trees, frightening numbers of crows emerging in symmetrical waves after I opened the door. Then quietness, sunset, and a distant mist. I think we will do this again!


The first four photos are 300m away from the target, the rest should be quite near, I think (<15m).