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All locations: .3492491, .3190500
Globalhash: -27.135160208633, -65.141989307035 (GeoNames)

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[edit] Expeditions

Expeditions and Plans

Los Angeles, California Bill The meetup location was in the vicinity of Mendenhall Peak in the Angeles N...
Cincinnati, Ohio Icehawk78, scottkuma, m5rammy scottkuma, a resident of the area, suggests meeting at 4pm at the nearby Brazenhead Pub...
Newark, New Jersey Zubenelgenubi, Jevanyn Jevanyn and Zubenelgenubi arrived for a meetup of two.
Danbury, Connecticut DJ The historic Hattertown district of Newtown, CT. The point itself was in a ...
Portland, Oregon Maggie Walked up and downhill, ate a burger and strawberry shortcake.
Seattle, Washington son, Thomcat A wooded hillside in Redondo, just up from Wooton Park.
Vernon, British Columbia Juventas Juventas drove to Westside Road and parked next to a gate for a farmer's fi...
Bristol, United Kingdom Mourndark A small, densely-forested area on a bank next to a field near Limpley Stoke...
Berlin, Germany Lyx GC1EJCT - Geohashflashcashe #2
Utrecht, Netherlands wookietrash, azijn's friends, azijn Off a paved road in the Netherlands

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