2008-07-26 34 -118

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Sat 26 Jul 2008 in Los Angeles:
34.3492491, -118.3190500

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Meetup location[edit]

The meetup location was in the vicinity of Mendenhall Peak in the Angeles National Forest, which an internet search suggests was named for Frank Mendenhall who is identified as a local hunter. Points of interest in Little Tujunga Canyon include the Wildlife Waystation and the Angeles Shooting Ranges.

It is unclear whether anyone reached the meetup spot. The location was accessible via Forest Service roads 3N32 or 3N37, off Little Tujunga Canyon Road in the Angeles National Forest North of Sunland, but vehicle access to each of these roads was blocked by a locked gate (and this appears to be the norm for many roads in this area). Therefore, a few miles of hiking was needed to reach the spot and although Bill scouted the area as far as the entrance to the Forest Service roads, he did not make the hike. A vehicle was observed parked at the entrance to the 3N32 road, even though this would not appear to be a popular hiking area, but no confirmation has been obtained that this vehicle contained geohashers or that they successfully reached the official meetup spot.