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2008-07-26 41 -73

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Sat 26 Jul 2008 in Danbury, Connecticut:
41.3492491, -73.3190500

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[edit] The Location

The historic Hattertown district of Newtown, CT. The point itself was in a farm on Hattertown Road.

[edit] The Geohash

DJ went to the location at 3:16 PM EDT. Since Hattertown Road is fairly busy, there were no places to pull over to get a decent picture of the actual hash point, although the farm house was visible from the road. A drive by picture was impossible due to the fact he was riding his motorcycle. Speed racer achievement would have been achieved if the hash was actually on the road. DJ does not remember the posted speed limit, but he made a pass at around 55 mph.

[edit] Pictures

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