2008-07-26 51 -2

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Sat 26 Jul 2008 in 51,-2:
51.3492491, -2.3190500

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A small, densely-forested area on a bank next to a field near Limpley Stoke.


Mourndark and Sundance decided to walk to this, their first geohash, on a beautiful sunny day.

The walk, about 80 minutes long, took them variously up and down hills, through the lovely valley containing Monkton Combe (where they espied a pub to which they thought they might return on the way back), and finally to the location itself, which was more than a little tricky to reach.

The bank was steep; moreover, it was necessary to overcome a fence to get onto it. This achieved, they started picking their way through dense undergrowth to the 'hash itself. Coming within 5 metres (using only Mourndark's rather l33t map-reading skills(z)), it became clear that it would be impossible to reach the location itself, as the pictures will demonstrate.

Therefore, after a few minutes (the time being 1645, and rather unsurprisingly no other geohashers in sight), they struggled free of the trees, vaulted back over a couple of fences, and headed home - stopping of course for a pint in the afore-mentioned pub, which provided welcome sustenance after an occasionally adventurous and always beautiful geohash.


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