2008-07-26 52 13

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Sat 26 Jul 2008 in 52,13:
52.3492491, 13.3190500

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Todays meetup was on an experimental farm near Großbeeren. Lyx and relet reached the spot quite late, as their train only arrived at 4pm at Großbeeren station. We saw no sign of other geohashing species.

We walked the distance from Großbeeren station to the hash, admiring the nearby wakeboarding facility and the village of Großbeeren. They've got a quite impressive (Sixth Coalition) war memorial in the center. We came within eyesight of the hash using a service path next to the actual lot. The lot is owned by an environment research company and features several small experimental fields with different crops and vegetables - and huge swarms of birds. All participants declared that to be close enough[tm] as we weren't planning to trample the fields anyway.

We placed the second geohashcache at the very location we've reached. GC1EJCT - Geohashflashcashe #2