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Symbols I use in my expedition list[edit]

Bus.PNG used public transport
Walk.PNG walked there.
Bikegeohash.png went by bike
Bus.PNGWalk.PNG Public transport, rest of the way walking (> 1km one way)
Bus.PNGBikegeohash.png Public transport, rest of the way by bike
Beastofburdenribbon2.png animal powered transport
Landgeohash.png hash was on land (default)
Watergeohash.jpg hash was on water
Cherry2.PNG Virgin Graticule
Minesweeper geohash flag.png My own first successful expedition in this graticule
Border.PNG hash was behind a border
Dejavu.png Déjà Vu Geohash (whether provable or not)
Centurion.png Saturday 4 pm meetup (or equivalent according to the rules of the XKCD Centurion)
Midnightgeohash.png Been there at midnight
Sunrisegeohash.png Been there at sunrise
Escape.PNG Expedition on Geohashing Day or Mouse over Day.
Birthday.PNG Birthday Geohash
Various achievements
Longtrekbadge.png XKCD-100 - more than 160 km to go for a saturday 4 pm meetup
Consecutivegeohash.jpg Part of a Consecutive Geohash (from #2)
Multihash.png Part of a Multihash
Meetup.PNG Met some other Geohasher (not neccessarily a stranger)
Drag-along.png Reached hash with a Drag-along
Frozen.png Temperature was below 0°C (whether provable or not)
Snowman2.png Snowman built
Picnic.png Picnic achievement
Lastmanstanding.png Last Man Standing - only expedition worldwide on that day
EasyAsPi.PNG Too easy. Really.
Mnimbgeohash.jpg MNIMB - the Albtrauf is a good start but not enough.
Speedracer.png Speed racer.
Compass.jpg No batteries achievement. No intention to repeat that.
Lightcycle.png Tron achievement
ReverseRegional.png This expedition finished some reverse regional achievement.
Regionalhashingsimple.png This expedition finished some regional achievement.
Notrespassing.gif Failed - No trespassing.
Trainwreck.png Transportation failure cancelled out the planned trip
MNB Ribbon.jpg MNB

Some symbols are slightly redefined from the respective achievement. More to be added when needed.