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Atlanta, Georgia NWoodruff was real easy to get to. It is in a subdivision of some really nice houses....
Seattle, Washington Thomcat The carpool lane of Northbound I-5, next to Boeing field.
Mannheim, Germany Koepfel, ilpadre, fivetonsofflax, Euterkuh At a public housing complex about 3 km from central Heidelberg.
Leipzig, Germany Reinhard, Manu Reinhard had the choice of going on a 130 km bike expedition (after work!) ...
Berlin, Germany Phoenix, relet On the border of Lake Seddin.
Stockholm, Sweden Yann Vernier, Klas Meder Boqvist In the water between Vindö and Gällnö.
Vantaa, Finland Small oaks These coordinates were located in the Vantaa, Finland graticule on 2009-07-20, in Porvoo city in slo...