2009-07-20 47 -122

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Mon 20 Jul 2009 in Seattle:
47.5267227, -122.2922654

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The carpool lane of Northbound I-5, next to Boeing field.


Thomcat is thinking mid-day, to avoid any commute hassles. Helping him qualify for the carpool lane will be his drag-along children.


A day of errands and a geohash - what could be more fun? Well, probably a lot of things, according to the kids.

Boeing Field is right next to the freeway at this point, landing planes small and large. I fired off a picture southbound, though west of the spot itself. 60 mph is the posted limit here, and thank goodness for cruise control.

The next exit allowed us to head around the other direction, and a 60 mph speed racer was easily achieved.