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Mon 20 Jul 2009 in 59,18:
59.3827741, 18.6606590

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In the water between Vindö and Gällnö.


Yann Vernier, Klas Meder Boqvist


Not much to speak of; just visit there by boat (same one we used to reach the island house in the first place). We thought the proximity of the geohash was simply too lucky to not go.


We were delayed due to a lack of boat, as Gnitset's parents had gone to shop. They returned only minutes before sundown, so we had some pretty nice skies to watch during our trip. Still, it was short and largely uneventful, except for a lucky encounter with a small roe deer who was swimming across between islands. On our way back we stopped by Svartsö looking for the results from a running race there (Svartsöruset), but didn't find anything.


GPX file