München, Germany/2011

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List of expeditions[edit]

Overall Successful attempts Failed attempts
Number of Expeditions 11 9 2

most recent first

2011-10-11 48 11[edit]

In the forest between Großberghofen and Holzharlanden. mojibake went there in the evening.

2011-09-18 48 11[edit]

In the center of München, just S of the Theresienwiese, where the famous Oktoberfest started the day before. Gefrierbrand was joined there by a bazillion Ninja Geohashers.

2011-09-16 48 11[edit]

On a field near Markt Schwaben, reached by Gefrierbrand.

2011-09-11 48 11[edit]

On a field near Erding, reached by Gefrierbrand.

2011-08-30 48 11[edit]

In a forest near the hospital Großhadern, reached by Robert.

2011-05-25 48 11[edit]

In a meadow near Kapfelberg; dawidi, Tomcat and Hans went there but didn't reach the exact spot.

2011-05-21 48 11[edit]

On farmland near a field track, situated near Neufahrn, N of München. First-time geohasher Nola17 went there.

2011-05-05 48 11[edit]

In München-Schwabing, failed by Robert because of a now-broken GPS.

2011-04-26 48 11[edit]

Close to Neuherberg, just N of München, on the runway of a model plane club. Reached by zb.

2011-04-20 48 11[edit]

Somehwere in Aschheim, reached by Robert.

2011-04-06 48 11[edit]

In a forest near Bergmatting, reached by bus and on foot by Ekorren and dawidi.

2011-03-29 48 11[edit]

In a forest near Berghofen (Moosach/Falkenberg/Fürmoosen), successfully reached by zb in the late afternoon.

2011-03-25 48 11[edit]

In a forest near Hochdorf (Althegnenberg/Mering), successfully reached by zb around sunset time.

2011-03-24 48 11[edit]

On a small road on a field N of Freising near Zolling. sockenfresser went there by motorbike.

2011-02-06 48 11[edit]

In a forest next to Neuried SW of München. DerFlob went, meeting The T-Man and Johanna there at 3:30 p.m.

2011-01-18 48 11[edit]

On a muddy field S of München. mayzoon attended her first geohash in the afternoon.