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Sun 18 Sep 2011 in 48,11:
48.1259597, 11.5505765

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According to Google maps, pretty much in the center of Munich somewhere near the Maria-Theresia-Hospital just south of the famous Wiesn (where the Oktoberfest started yesterday)



Get there via public transport. The Underground station Poccistraße is not far away. I'll try to be there around 4 pm.


Well first of all sorry for the delayed report, I was kind of busy lately.

I hoped to drag along a few people to the hashpoint who chickened out due to bad weather and timing issues, but other than that, the expedition went pretty much as planned and was quite uneventful. The point was located in the middle of a street heading towards the "backdoor" entrance of the Oktoberfest. Despite the bad, rainy weather quite a lot people came by there searching for a near parking space or just walking from the underground to the "Wiesn".

You could hear and see the Roller-coaster from the hash location, and I found a smashed Maßkrug on the ground which is quite typical for this "season". Unfortunately I was not able to head over to the Oktoberfest and get my self drunk, which would have been boring anyway as the potential drag-alongs all had chickened out as already mentioned.

This hash was so easy to reach and in a quite prominent location with makes me wonder why no other geohasher showed up there, kind of sad, but this won't stop me from geohashing ;-)





Gefrierbrand earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (48, 11) geohash on 2011-09-18.
Gefrierbrand earned the Public transport geohash achievement
by reaching the (48, 11) geohash on 2011-09-18 via U6.