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This is a map of all graticules containing parts of Kentucky, U.S.A.

Virgin Graticules are orange, the green or blue ones (="deflowered" graticules) will give the name(s) of the first geohasher(s) in that graticule and a link to the virgin expedition. By local convention, graticules are colored blue upon the first expedition where the coordinates are reached within the graticule, if the coordinates are not within Kentucky. They are colored green the first time coordinates in Kentucky are reached for that graticule. Maps for other region may follow a different convention.

N\E -89 -88 -87 -86 -85 -84 -83 -82 -81
39. Cincinnati
Various #
OH side only
38 Bedford Louisville
Centimani #
Steven & Erin #
Morehead Huntington
37 Carbondale Paducah
Spork (on a bike) #
Evansville Leitchfield Elizabethtown Richmond
Bill^2 #
Hazard Williamson Beckley
36 Sikeston Murray
Team Tismon #
Spork on a bike
& Tuna! #TN side only
Pieater &
Heidi #TN side only
Cookeville Williamsburg
TN side only
Bo #
TN side only