2012-06-12 38 -85

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Tue 12 Jun 2012 in 38,-85:
38.8655502, -85.7847391

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Just off a back road, in some farmland.




A small detour on the drive from Louisville to Indianapolis.


We arrived just before 7 PM and, in the interest of not ruining someones crops, stopped at the edge of the field between two houses. Getting out for some photos, the residents of one of the houses had clearly noticed the two strange people parked outside at this point. After a minute I realized I had been given a camera with no memory card in it.We started to try our phone cameras (this did not work due to lighting and general shit quality), but were interrupted by the inevitable approach of one of the locals. He was (luckily) very polite and asked if we were having car trouble. I told him we actually had a pretty strange reason for being here, very briefly explained geohashing, and said we would be out of his hair soon. He said he didn't mind at all and just wanted to make sure we were OK, then went back to his house. I eventually found a backup 2GB card in my bag and proceeded to get some evidence before getting back on the road.