2008-12-22 36 -84

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Mon 22 Dec 2008 in 36,-84:
36.2986907, -84.2002318

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Well, I was planning on driving from Knoxville to Lexington that day. Upon waking, I wanted to see where the location for the day was...and lo and behold, it happened to be just 3 miles off of Interstate 75. Naturally, I decided that I had to go on it, so I printed off a map with a plot of the location, saved a satellite image of the area, and took along my camera. Unfortunately, I was unable to obtain a GPS, so I decided to take pictures and document the trip by taking random photographs of road signs and the site.


Well, before I left, I had to take my car to the shop due to the fact that the cold weather had caused my hoses to contract, leading to a rather unsightly puddle of antifreeze underneath my car. After getting that fixed, I gathered my stuff and went on my way. 25 miles up the interstate, I found the nearest exit to the location in question. Unfortunately, I ended up reading the map wrong, and spent a small period of time driving along aimlessly on a tiny road in the middle of the mountains. Rather inconvenient, but after I turned around (and got stuck behind a truck going 25 miles per hour), I managed to find my way to US-25W, where I promptly turned left. About a mile down the road, I found Ridge Road, where I turned right, and went for awhile. After ascending a very long gravel driveway on a rather steep hill, I managed to get within view of the coordinates...which, according to the satellite image, were right next to a bunch of trees. So I snapped a picture in all four directions and departed, returning to my trip to Lexington.


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