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The Bremen graticule is at latitude 53, longitude 8. It contains most of the so-called Metropolregion Bremen/Oldenburg: the cities of Bremen, Oldenburg, Bremerhaven, Delmenhorst and Wilhelmshaven, as well as lots of farm land and water.

The northern border is at Cuxhaven and the North Sea. There's also a small (1.2% of the graticule) part of Schleswig-Holstein across river Elbe that belongs to this graticule. The islands Neuwerk, Scharhörn and Nigehörn with a total area of 4 km² (0.05% of the graticule) belong to Hamburg; Neuwerk can be reached by boat or, during low tide, on foot or by horse and cart from Cuxhaven-Duhnen.

According to Land usage, the chance for your hash to fall into one of the following areas is:

46.01% Fields
42.18% Water
 3.45% Roads
 2.47% Forests
 2.20% Highways
 1.96% Natural reserves
 1.73% Settlements

Local Geohashers[edit]

  • Alaska is bike powered, living in Oldenburg. Will try to reach geohashes in or around Oldenburg, if not too busy (which is often the case).
  • Oliver is also bike-powered (or train-powered - NWB ftw). Living in Bremen, so might occasionally scurry over to one of the neighboring graticules if their geohash is closer.
  • Tillewolle is bike, feet and train-powered, living in Oldenburg. Never reached a hash but is looking foreward to do. Maybe the other users take me with them?

Recent Expeditions[edit]

For all expeditions in this graticule, see Bremen, Germany/Expeditions.
Arrow2.png 2019-06-05 - Fippe - located on a field in Leeste.
Arrow4.png 2019-05-20 - - located on the side of a path in Brinkum.
Arrow4.png 2017-05-06 - Kerko - A wind turbine blade factory in Lemwerder near Bremen.
Arrow4.png 2017-04-21 - Kerko - A lake surrounded by fences and walls near Oldenburg.
Arrow2.png 2017-04-06 - Kerko - A bike path next to a street near Bremen.
Arrow2.png 2017-03-05 - Kerko, gaboversta - Litteler Fuhrenkamp, forest near Wardenburg
Arrow2.png 2017-02-05 - Kerko - A field surrounded by diggers near the nature reserve Vehnemoor.
Arrow2.png 2017-02-04 - Kerko - A field with many molehills near Hude.
Arrow2.png 2017-01-20 - Kerko - A small industrial area near Oldenburg.
Arrow2.png 2015-10-08 - Fippe - located in a glade near Hooksiel.
Arrow2.png 2014-08-01 - Danatar - in a hedge at Bremen-Woltmershausen. Country: Germany; state: Freie Hanses...
Arrow2.png 2014-06-07 - Oliver - This Saturday hash is at the side of a field north of Bremen, between Schwa...
Arrow2.png 2014-06-03 - Oliver - In an allotment area near Feldmarksee in Bremen.
Arrow2.png 2014-06-01 - pah, oliver - In the park of "Diako" hospital in Bremen-Gröpelingen.
Arrow2.png 2014-05-25 - pah, oliver, daniel - The hash lies on a field near Spohle, Wiefelstede (link to WP:de).
Arrow2.png 2014-03-08 - GeorgDerReisende - The hash lies on the parking place of a shopping area in Bremen.
Arrow4.png 2014-02-15 - - Somewhere
Arrow2.png 2013-07-20 - pah, Wendy - A corn field in Eversten (WP:de), a south-western district of Oldenburg.
Arrow2.png 2013-07-18 - GeorgDerReisende - The hash lies between the two rails of the railway from Bremen to Bremen-Ob...
Arrow2.png 2013-07-03 - Oliver - In Bremen, near the university (along Universitätsallee).
Arrow4.png 2013-05-26 - Oliver - In the wetlands at Wümme river, near Bremen.
Arrow2.png 2013-05-20 - Oliver - In a public park near Bremen airport.
Arrow2.png 2013-05-19 - Oliver - In the meadows near Seehausen/Bremen.
Arrow4.png 2013-05-09 - Oliver - Todays hash was located near the city of Bremen, on the shore of small Wümm...
Arrow2.png 2012-10-19 - pah, lena - A (harvested) corn field in near to Wardenburg, about 10 kilometers south o...