Helgoland, Germany

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The Helgoland graticule is at latitude 54, longitude 7. With the only landmasses being two islands totaling about 4.2 km², the odds of a hash being in the sea are overwhelming. The graticule's area is distributed as follows:

99.98%	Water
 0.02%  Land

Statistically, a geohash in this graticule falls on land rougly once in 14 years, meaning one land geohash from the inception of the game through 2020.


Previous hash locations[edit]

  • On 2008-05-21 (the first day of geohashing), the hash was about 1.050 meters off the western shore.
  • On 2008-09-18 the geohash was about 50 meters off the eastern shore of Helgoland, between the two islands.
  • Hit! On 2013-01-08 the geohash was located on the island Helgoland-Düne (Heligoland dune).