Charlotte, North Carolina

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Today's location: not yet announced

Graticule: 35, -80 Today's Location: [Charlotte, North Carolina]

We are actually incorporating the graticule one south of this as well. This is because there is a large population of people in Union County, and this will make them more able to meet at the location. It has the other advantage of giving us two choices of meet up spots in the event one is too hard to get to, attend the other.

Upcoming Events[edit]


Arrow2.png2018-05-03 35 -80 HashPotato visits a nice looking stormdrain.

Arrow2.png2018-03-31 35 -80 OtherJack claims a Saturday 4pm hash on an empty lot.

Arrow2.png2018-03-29 35 -80 OtherJack reaches a dusk hash behind a school in Matthews.

Arrow2.png2013-02-23 35 -80 Bunthorne claims an easy geohash.

Arrow2.png2013-01-19 35 -80 Kcdills claims a late-night hash.

Arrow2.png2010-06-08 35 -80 Ramblingwreck and Rhonda reach a hash in the woods.

Arrow2.png2010-06-02 35 -80 Ramblingwreck gets a successful speed racer achievement (albeit at 10mph)

Arrow2.png2010-05-22 35 -80 Mouseover Day!

Arrow2.png2010-04-29 35 -80 Hashpoint only 6 meters from the state border, allowing for a one shot Reverse regional achievement

Arrow4.png2010-04-26 35 -80 Attempt at consecutive hashes by Ramblingwreck failed.

Arrow2.png2008-06-04 35 -80 First documented successful expedition in this graticule.

Arrow4.png2008-05-24 35 -80 First documented attempt at this graticule gets close, but no trespassing.


  • WokTiny: Waiting for it to be in my backyard.
  • Olivaw: I'd like to give this a shot. I'll have a hard time getting out though because of work and my wife, she doesn't always understand this internet thing.
  • HeavyCruiserLost
  • Zaph: I'm going to be gone for a while, but I plan to do some geohashing when I get back in late July/August.
  • Joe: Like WokTiny, I'm in the southwest of this graticule. I'll probably bring wife and kids and make an outing of it!
  • Jon: I live in Huntersville, Hopefully the hash is somewhere near here soonish. If the point is with an hour of Huntersville and I have not posted plans, e-mail me if you want to meet up.
  • TerpGirl: In the city limits of Charlotte, and three hour drives are seldom an option.
  • Patrick: I'll try to make it occasionally - busy for the fourth though.
  • Sleepless: I'm down for adventure and I'll drag anyone I can convince along for the ride. 1st Saturday, I'll be there
  • Ramblingwreck: I live in the Gastonia, North Carolina graticule, but points in Charlotte are often more accessible for me.
  • Thalamus: I live in the southwest quadrant of this graticule. As of today (September 26th, 2013), my graticule is inactive. I shall activate it the moment the hashpoint is reasonably close to me.
  • hobosullivan: Born and raised in this graticule. Waiting for a hashpoint that won't require me to pass through the misery that is downtown.
  • OtherJack: Just moved to Charlotte (on 2017-06-30), hoping to get some hashes in! Bike if doable, probably car otherwise.

Old News[edit]


Jorah: We will be trying to make this our first geohash, depending on how the rest of the day pans out.


Art will be hitting the hashpoint after work as it is only a few miles away.


Mouseover Day will be celebrated with the 2010-05-22 coordinates by Art and Heather.


Coordinates: 35.180292°, -80.845033°


Coordinates: 35.1266480113970560, -80.5475331240942810

I found from GoMAPS that the property is owned by "601 INVESTMENTS LLC". It looks like open field, perhaps crops. Geohashers will have to decide when they get there whether entry is appropriate. -- WokTiny


Chase, Karl, and JD earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (35, -80) graticule, here, on 2008-06-04.