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Sat 31 Mar 2018 in Charlotte:
35.3222345, -80.6667685

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Woods on an empty lot in Harrisburg.



It was close by, and a nice day so figured I'd get my first Saturday 4pm hash in ages, and second hash in 48 hours. Also very close to work, and I had left something (minor) in the office, so could pick it up on the way back.


I wasn't quite sure whether access would be easy - would there be no-trespassing's, fences, etc - but when I pulled up across the street in the hashmobile it was wide open. Just an empty lot, wooded with no signs, and not too overgrown either (though still with enough thorns that I was glad to have remembered to put on jeans and a long shirt.) Flat, too. The neighborhood was modest houses on modest lots, very laid-back.

The point turned out be to toward the back of the lot, where the woods thinned out and there was enough light at the ground for herbs to grow. So rather pleasant. And yet not too close to the back property line. Very easy hash.

The more interesting part of the expedition began when I collected a few GeoTrashes (pictured), mostly consisting of old beer cans. When I emerged to the street where I'd parked, I thought about where to throw them out... I could have put them in my trunk and tossed them at home but they were filthy and the neighbor's dumpster was right there, looking tempting. I was looking around to see if said neighbor would notice, and then I saw him standing in his front doorway! He was an older middle aged guy, stocky, with a trim gray beard.

I apologized for being creepy and explained that I'd been doing a gps adventure / geohash in the empty lot, picked up some trash and was trying to see if I could use his dumpster. I thought I would get shooed off the property (or worse), but he said "of course you can use the dumpster, no problem" and then actually asked me if I wanted some water. OMG was I about to earn the Abduction achievement??

I said sure, but instead of inviting me in, he disappeared back into his house. 15 seconds later the geotrash was in the dumpster and the neighbor was back in his doorway, with a tupperware of ice water, which he insisted came from his fridge and was not "anything weird." I trusted him and took it, introducing myself and thanking him. His name was Robert.

Back at the car I drank the water, and I am still quite alive an hour later, sitting at home typing this!

-- OtherJack (talk) 21:40, 31 March 2018 (UTC)



OtherJack earned the GeoTrash Geohash Achievement
by cleaning up the (35, -80) geohash on 2018-03-31.
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