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Sun 21 May 2017 in Cambridge:
52.6624344, 0.9684885

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A short trespass along two sides of a field perimeter off Cutthroat Lane, south east of Dereham and north of Yaxham, Norfolk, UK. Surely pirate attire is demanded!


The following people will try to make it:

Hoped to come but ...[edit]


  • Fun! Picnic! Pub! Fun! Games! Toys! Puzzles! Drones! Fun! Kites! Cake! Adventure! Music! Fun!


Sourcerer and ChromeCrusaders arrived a few minutes apart just before 17:00. There was parking at the field entrance and a perimeter path led to the hashpoint without treading on the crop of oil seed rape. There were fine looking cows in the next field. Less than ten paces from the hashpoint, a swarm of bees was buzzing loudly, clustered round the low branches of a bramble. This was Sourcerer's second swarm sighting in four days - quite unusual.

After admiring the bees, cows and rape plants, we took photos and set out for the pub. Callum had not brought cash and there was a ten pound card limit so Neil, under protest, bought his drink. After some consultancy work in return for a pint or two (Neil's standard fee!) this has become a sore point. Revenge will be mine when the opportunity arises!

We missed the Tongs who would have had a journey of over seven hours. Perhaps the tenth anniversary event, next year, will work out better.



Sourcerer and ChromeCrusaders earned the 2017 Geohashing Day achievement
by eating chocolate chip cookies and visiting the Mustard Pot Pub in the (52, 0) graticule on May 21st 2017.

Expeditions and Plans

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Sourcerer's Expedition Links[edit]

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