2017-05-14 50 10

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Sun 14 May 2017 in 50,10:
50.6794874, 10.9252301

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In the city of Ilmenau, Thuringia.



I started this weekend quite unprepared for Geohashing because on Friday I was busy worrying whether I would get in a thunderstorm or just really wet, but luckily Reinhard sent me the Sunday coordinates via phone right when they were published. I did not check whether these were actual Geohash coordinates though it seemed a bit strange that it would be so easy - about 50m detour from my way home on the Ilmtal cycle route. Anyway, found it, and even took some shitty photos with my phone (unprepared means I did not even have a small camera with me, nor any hashcot), and got the nicest weather for my way home.


Proof of location (address on sign).  
Proof of location (blurry because of shitty phone camera).  
View from the Geohash.  
My bike in the Geohash parking lot (today's Hashcot).